What we do?

We provide complete services for your business start, running and growth! Let it be start-up business consulting, Business planning, web design, development or marketing support, we are there for you.

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Start-up Business Consulting

Start your own Business!

Get started with a free consulting for your business and we devise a comprehensive plan right from business idea generation to Business launch and marketing strategy to scale higher!

Running a business on your own is never simple. It can become as daunting as possible for most of us. Before going ahead with the decision to start a venture on your own, the most important aspect is to have a strong self-belief on your capabilities and a 'never give-up' attitude to face the struggles and succeed! Get started with us!

Business Started

Projects Live

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Web Design

Most Affordable Web Design services

Every business needs a website in the current scenario. Whether you are selling products or offering services, a website will act as a first point of interaction with your prospective customers. It is imperative even for a B2B business and wholesalers.

Free for 6 months with any web design plan

Get free SSL certificates for all sites

Friendly UI and mobile responsive sites

Get free E-mail accounts with all websites

Digitally Transform your Business

Digital Transformation is all about 4 key aspects (Data, Process, Technology & Organizational Change) of your Business. For an example, do you have a chatbot to answer you customer queries or a person who does 9 to 5 job?. Just try to answer the below questions to see if your business is digitally transformed or ready to be transformed!

Are you ready for Digital Transformation?

  • How are you managing your Data and your processes? Can you remotely influence it?
  • What technologies have you adopted to manage your business? How long would it take for you to adopt a new one?
  • What organizational changes you drive to improve customer experience?
  • Do you adopt any of the digital marketing techniques?

State of art the Applications
for Digital Transformation of your Business

Digital Transformation for a business is more important than ever before since the outbreak of COVID19. Businesses failing to transform digitally might risk losing a major chunk of their revenue to its digital competitor. If you are still confused what to do,

Follow the simple steps to get started!

  • Shift from being product-focused to customer-focused - Understand your consumer problems and deliver them a value added service improving customer experience!
  • Create simple and innovative digital experiences - For instance, if you are a store owner, you should definitely launch an E-Commerce site and create digital contents to keep your customers engaged
  • Start working remotely with your team members and try automating your repeated and similar work packages!
  • Understand the basic principles and Deep dive in to Digital Marketing tools and techniques to unlock the untapped revenues
  • Contact an expert consultant to understand what would be best for your business and try understanding your business dynamics

Explore our Applications for Digital Transformation
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E-Commerce Platform

leShop - Your trusted partner

Once you are done with your Planning, you need to develop a base to start earning. The best way is through a website/application where your prospective customers can easily access your products/services and get benefited. For a simpler product selling, our E-Commerce Platform will cover your needs.

Crowdsourcing Platform

leCrowd - Get the power of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing model, though powerful, is the most under-utilized one by businesses. For a more complex ideas like a E-learning platform, Classifieds portal, micro job portal, Freelancers marketplace and many other crowd-selling ideas, our Crowdsourcing Engine is well equipped to serve your needs.

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Digital Marketing Services

Apart from conventional marketing techniques, Digital marketing tools and techniques pave way for a quicker growth in revenue and also improves customer experience! Get started instantly with us, we provide a comprehensive support for your business needs. Explore more on the service to understand about Digital Marketing, strategies and its importance!