Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in context to starting a business, web design, E-commerce, Crowdsourcing and Digital Marketing

FAQs on Starting a Business

Where can I get support on finding a business idea?
We give you a lot of suggestions on the possible businesses to start and the business models which are profitable. All you need is to assess your capabilities and your passion/interest and decide on which type of business could be managed successfully by you in a longer run! Check our blogs for more information.
How to start a business in India from abroad?
Most of our clients are staying in different locations across the world and are running their business in India. All you need is a person whom you can nominate as a designated partner and a rented/own place for proof.
What kind of Businesses are profitable?
There isn't a single business which can termed as the most profitable one! In a rule of thumb, all service oriented businesses are more profitable than manufacturing/selling physical products. But, again, it all depends on how we manage our business and take it to the next level at the right time to remain profitable.
Is it possible to start a Global Business from India?
Like said previously, there isn't any location boundaries for your business. You can start your business anywhere and sell your products or services across the globe!

FAQs on Website Design

How much does a customized website cost me?
There is no fixed budget for a website with customized requirements. It varies depending on technology used (React, Angular, Laravel, CMS..) and the level of customization required (which we clearly try to understand from you). Very basic sites we start at INR 2999 (~USD 50)
How long it takes for my website to be live?
Usually for basic sites (business sites, portfolio sites, small business sites) takes 4-5 business days for completion. With customization and added functionality, the time depends on the requirement. Before starting, we clarify your timeline well in advance
What you get in a Basic Package?
The websites in basic package are made with WordPress and are SEO optimized to get you started. We offer 6 months free hosting (premium hosting provider) with all your websites.
What is a Domain Name? Do I need to buy a Domain?
A Domain (www.example.com) is a unique address/URL which represents you or your company/firm. It has to registered by you with domain registrars like Godaddy/Domain/Namecheap/Google Domains and many others. We will guide for purchase if support required.
What is a Web Hosting? How to buy one?
A Hosting server is a location where you need to keep your website's files. When your domain name is searched on the internet, your website will be seen (retrieving your website files from your hosting server). A website cannot be live without hosting server. You can buy one from numerous hosting providers like siteground, bluehost, digitalocean, etc.
Do you make Shopify websites?
Yes, we do shopify websites as well
What I get in a E-commerce Package?
The websites in E-Commerce package are made with WordPress and are ready to use with bulk import/export for your product portfolio. All our sites are SEO optimized and we offer 6 months free hosting (premium hosting provider).
Do you make non-WordPress / non-CMS websites?
We have strong expertise in Web Application Development and our products - LetelCommerce (A complete E-Commerce Platform) and LetelCrowd (A strong Crowdsource platform) will give you a competitive edge in your market! Please visit our products, leShop & leCrowd for more information.

FAQS on Growing your Business

What is Internet Marketing?
'Internet Marketing' 'Web Marketing' 'Online Marketing' and the recently famous term 'Digital Marketing' are one and the same - It plainly represents marketing your products and (or) services over the internet
How to set your goals for Digital Marketing?
Your goals can broadly come under the below 4 categories,
  • Sell More - Setting revenue targets for each stream
  • Customer Experience - Improving the customer engagement levels through blogs, contests, events, giveaways, etc..
  • Cost reduction - One of your main goal to reduce your costs of customer service operations
  • Add Value - Add value to your customers by providing the much needed service understanding customer behavior (Analytics)
Can you provide an example for Digital Marketing?
For an example, you have an organic store and you provide valuable content through your blogs explaining the benefits of your products and in turn driving traffic and leads to your business
How long does it take to digitally transform your business?
It is not an immediate process! Digital transformation services for small businesses take around 6 months to an year for completion. For larger businesses and organizations it can take up to 5 years!

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