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We are Growth Consultants for Small Businesses giving the best business start-up and technology consulting services in 2021

Leteltech - growth-consultants-for-small-businesses
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Perfection is utopia

Everyone love to dream big! It is absolutely necessary to achieve your goals. The most striking fact is that among the people who dream about starting a business, only 20% percent of people really make an effort to start it! There are many challenges you face once you start your business. We are there for those 20% of people who brave the storm to start on their own and willing to succeed in business.

Love Dreaming? Start Earning!

Our journey started as a professional freelance developer, where we supported the start-ups with their ideas, helped them digitize their ideas in the form of a website or a web Application as well as smart solutions for their operational constraints. We did this without much of monetary expectation. Over a period of time, we gained a clear understanding about the needs of a start-up company. Such vital experiences helped us broaden our portfolio and now, we in a position to help businesses grow to a greater extent through our complete set of services which can take your business to the next level!

Leteltech - growth-consultants-for-small-businesses

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Apart from being Business Consultants, we have strong in-house team and expertise in web design and development activities. We provide the most affordable services suited to your start-up needs!

  • 2016

    June 2016

    Freelance Developer

    Our journey started in 2016 as a freelance developer supporting clients on design and development projects

  • 2019

    August 2019


    We incorporated Leteltech in 2019 and started serving international clients especially from Dubai and Australia

  • 2020

    December 2020

    Launch of leShop

    We launched our indigenously developed E-Commerce Platform to serve clients

Our Success Story

Award-winning Team

Our Amazing team is willing to go the extra mile to bring satisfaction to our clients. Our motto is not just satisfaction, its Customer Happiness!

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Flexibility & Customization is our Mantra

We at Leteltech, take pride in customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile for the sake of customer Happiness! Our core competencies are being a Growth Consultant for Small Businesses, an E-Commerce Service Provider and Crowdsourcing Business service Provider

Premium support

We provide the most comprehensive service package to start and run your business successfully

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Our Mission

“To empower small and medium scale businesses to achieve operational excellence”

Our Vision

“Inspire business owners a be creative and think out of the box – to become future market leaders”