How to start a business in 2021?

It just costs you your valuable time, good planning on a valid idea to start your business. You can get started within 30-60 days depending on the region you live. The most important aspect is the way you run your business to be profitable.

What we offer at Leteltech?

Business Consulting & Start-up guidance
We start from the scratch in starting your business, give consulting on trouble areas, guide you to achieve the targeted results!
Comprehensive Business Plans
We device a comprehensive plan for your business right from idea generation to successful launch!
Growth consulting for existing businesses
Already started a business? But not able to take it to next level? We give you complete guidance to scale higher!

What you should know before starting a business?

Running a business on your own is never simple. It can become as daunting as possible for most of us. Before going ahead with the decision to start a venture on your own, the most important aspect is to have a strong self-belief on your capabilities and a 'never give-up' attitude to face the struggles and succeed!

3 Golden rules for any buiness!

Don't sell your products blindly
Try to solve people's problems through your products/services. Do extensive research on the problems faced by existing products/services similar to yours and bring a value-added product/service to make the clients happy.
Be Passionate on what you serve/sell
Don't try doing things which you are not interested in! Understand your passion areas and be very clear before venturing into a business sector. When your motivation fades, your business gets affected too!
Don't stick to conventional marketing!
Find all possible avenues to sell/promote your product/service. You need to keep yourself updated on the market changes and also update the way in which you market your products/services. Learn Digital Marketing!

No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone elseBill Joy, Co-Founder Sun Microsystems

It is never late to start something on your own as the smartest of minds are capable of doing better things than a 9 to 5 job!Arun, Founder Leteltech

How to start a business?

6 Basic steps which you shouldn't miss to succeed in your business/venture


Brainstorm Ideas

Start gathering business ideas without a double thought on how it works. Shortlist your best ideas based on key elements - future growth, market competition, passion areas, business ethics and more..

Detailed Business Plan

Do an extensive research on your business idea and draft a complete business plan which includes Market research, competitor study, budget, cash flow and ROI analysis!


An attractive website and a simple yet descriptive logo are the basics of your business branding. Also, take utmost care to ensure your branding is uniform across print and social media as well!


Digitize your idea

Based on the business plan, start working on digitizing your idea (developing an application / software for your chosen idea) to bring revenue to your business. Consider an E-Commerce model or a Crowdsourcing model for better monetization.


The power of data can never be underestimated. Real data and tracking is of utmost importance and is a pre-requisite for your business, so that you can understand the user dynamics before your head over to marketing!

Keep Learning

The most important aspect for any business is to keep learning and improving your product offerings/services. You would have made a great start, but your revenues got stagnant? Don't hesitate to shift to your plan B and so on..

What we offer?

Market Research & Business Plan

Create a comprehensive Business Plan for your business idea which includes a detailed market research, financial planning as well as your legal business structure. We start from the scratch with a clear understanding of your business idea and business operation model

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Business Registration & Tax Compliance

Get the guidance for registering your business name (it can be a proprietorship, an LLP or a Private limited company) and requirements for Tax compliances and registrations.

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Website Design Services & Branding

An attractive website with an attractive logo and social media presence including google business sites are a must for any start-up. Get it done as early as possible and don't miss out on the possible revenue.

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FAQs on Starting a Business!

Where can I get support on finding a business idea?
We give you a lot of suggestions on the possible businesses to start and the business models which are profitable. All you need is to assess your capabilities and your passion/interest and decide on which type of business could be managed successfully by you in a longer run! Check our blogs for more information.
How to start a business in India from abroad?
Most of our clients are staying in different locations across the world and are running their business in India. All you need is a person whom you can nominate as a designated partner and a rented/own place for proof.
What kind of Businesses are profitable?
There isn't a single business which can termed as the most profitable one! In a rule of thumb, all service oriented businesses are more profitable than manufacturing/selling physical products. But, again, it all depends on how we manage our business and take it to the next level at the right time to remain profitable.
Is it possible to start a Global Business from India?
Like said previously, there isn't any location boundaries for your business. You can start your business anywhere and sell your products or services across the globe!





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